BGT’s Maddox praises Coldplay’s Chris Martin for helping him make the switch from musician to magician

Magician Maddox Dixon is getting ready for the BGT semi- finals tonight, but he wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

The contestant wowed the judges in the auditions this year with a trick involving a Rubix cube, and plans to now go all out to get all the way to the final.

However, just a few years ago you would’ve seen him perform to sold out crowds as part of the warm up act for Coldplay.

And it was good ol’ Chris who convinced him to give it all up.

Speaking to Metro ahead of his performance, he told us: ‘I always refer back to Chris Martin – he was a massive inspiration. Having met him on that tour that one lucky opportunity I had, it enabled me to think “wow if this guy has some faith in me, then maybe I should have some faith in myself. I should really make the change and take the jump.”

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‘That’s really what that defining moment for me was. I was like “I have no excuse not to give it a try”.’

At the time, Maddox was performing as part of band Foxes, but after showing off his tricks to the frontman found him coming on stage and performing his routine to the audience the next night.

“That was the switch for me. In the back of my head I really wanted to chase the dream as a magician, and also as someone who wants to have a family and be around for my wife.

‘Being a musician – someone that plays piano and gets crammed into a tour bus and goes away for three months at a time – it was a lifestyle that was amazing to do for a while, but never something I wanted to spend my whole life doing.

‘And that one opportunity to do magic on the tour, you know, thanks to Chris Martin, made me think “wow this is gonna be totally different if it could be me out on stage doing that one thing, and this could be my future”.’

‘It could be on my own terms, it’ll be all down to me. And that’s what gave me the kick to go and do it.’

Now his eyes are firmly set on the prize, and his sight is set on Sunday’s BGT finale.


‘When I knew I was through [to the semi-finals], naturally you want to do something a bit more ambitious and a bit bigger. So I can’t tell you too much, but I can tell you I am going to be involving more judges to do more impossible things. That’s the vibe – trying to get other people to do the magic with you.’

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And if he gets to the final? ‘I’ve certainly got something for Simon lined up if I get there,’ he teased.

Britain’s Got Talent’s semi-finals start tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1.

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