The AP Is Scandalized: Trump Administration Doesn’t Buy Climate Extremism

For eight years, Barack Obama’s EPA coordinated constantly with left-wing groups, in particular climate alarmists. One of his EPA administrators, Lisa Jackson, to communicate with these groups, off the books. As far as I can recall, this never bothered the Associated Press. But now that we have a Republican administration, and an EPA administrator who takes a more skeptical view […]

A Shocking Call For Diversity at Harvard

Shocking because it comes from the editors of the , and because the diversity they call for is ideological. The context is the release of a report by Harvard’s Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging. The report, predictably, was all about race and gender. The Crimson’s editors write: [M]uch more work is needed in expanding the conversation and prioritizing […]

Two misguided left-wing theories of housing discrimination collide

reports on a suit in federal court alleging that policies instituted by the District of Columbia government to attract younger, more affluent professionals to poor, African-American neighborhoods discriminate against poor and working-class Blacks who have lived there for generations. The city stands accused of breaking up “close-knit” black communities. The policies challenged were undertaken pursuant to D.C.’s “New Communities” program, […]

The Week in Pictures: Trump Derangement Overdrive Edition

Apparently the only thing worse than Trump meeting with Little Rocket Man is Trump not meeting with Little Rocket Man. Reminds me of how Democrats howled about how FBI director James Comey was a disgrace because he tanked Hillary 10 days before the election, and then howled when Trump fired Comey for having done such a crappy job of things. […]

Russia‘s Putin calls U.S. exit from Iran nuclear deal a dead-end

ST PETERSBURG, Russia – Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on Washington‘s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, said on Friday that unilateral steps taken by countries like the United States led to a dead-end and were always counter-productive. Speaking in St Petersburg at an economic forum, Putin said Washington‘s flip-flopping on international agreements after the election of new […]

Saudi Arabia makes new arrest in crackdown on activists

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia arrested prominent rights campaigner Mohammed al-Bajadi, Amnesty International said on Friday, as part of a crackdown mostly targeting advocates of women‘s rights in the conservative kingdom. Four activists have been released but up to seven others remain in detention. Most are women who previously campaigned for the right to drive and an end to the kingdom’s […]

Turkey says to take every initiative to protect firms from U.S. sanctions

ANKARA – Turkey will take every initiative to protect its firms from US sanctions, Ankara‘s foreign ministry spokesman said on Friday, a day after the United States imposed sanctions on several Iranian and Turkish companies in a move targeting Iranian airlines. Hami Aksoy also told a news conference that Turkey had fulfilled all requirements to procure Lockheed Martin‘s F-35 jets […]