Coronation Street spoilers: 7 characters most likely to die in killer Phelan’s special week

is lining up an unforgettable week of high drama, action and violence as killer Pat Phelan takes his last stand against everyone he thinks has wronged him – and someone is going to die as the long running saga reaches a shocking climax. 

With Phelan’s exit playing out, he is determined to go out with a bang, and with little else to lose, he creates an atmosphere of horror as gunshots ring out and a hostage situation plays out. And these are the characters most at risk:



Phelan will have a score to settle with Eileen after she pushed him from that lighthouse cliff edge. Having been betrayed by the woman he loves, Phelan rampages into No.11 with a gun and is determined to hurt Eileen as he unleashes a torrent of cruel abuse at her.

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But will he seek to wound her with more than words?


Phelan makes it his mission to meet his grandson Zack and when he arrives with a gun and makes his demands, brave Nicola stands her ground and vows to protect her son. Would Phelan be willing to kill his own daughter in order to see what he views as his legacy?

A gunshot rings out in No.11 but who falls to the ground?


Gary is the one who captures Phelan and holds him hostage and there has been a long history of clashes between these two. When the tables turn and Phelan manages to break free from Gary and arm himself with a gun, will he take the ultimate revenge on Gary.

And are the last of Gary’s many lives finally up?


Having freed himself, Phelan points his gun at Sarah and orders her to ring up Nicola and get her to bring Zack to him. Sarah tries to fool Phelan by making a fake call but when he finds out what she has done, he loses it and with a cry of anger, pulls the trigger on her.

Is this the end for Sarah?


Seb has lived in fear of Phelan’s revenge ever since he stood up to him in court and when Phelan bursts into No.11 and holds everyone there hostage, he will become involved in the struggle as he tries to protect Eileen and Nicola.

The gun fires – will hero Seb pay a heavy price?


Phelan later bursts into the bistro carrying his first casualty and as he orders Ali to treat his victim, Michelle watches on in horror as her big day ends in bloodshed. As Phelan then takes a hostage for his final stand, reports have already revealed that Michelle will be shot.

But will she die?


We know that Connor McIntyre will leave the Street in these scenes so could he be the final death in this storyline? As he is trapped in the bistro, armed police swarm the street – will they take down the criminal? Or will Phelan live to tell the tale – from a prison cell?

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