Good food the old-time way: Here‘s a few ideas for old-school fajitas, Italian, steaks

Hey, Bud! Thanks for the writeup about La Familia now serving the old La Palma-style fajitas Wednesday nights. We loved it. We‘re going to Margie‘s Italian Kitchen next, another place you reminded us of. Any other old-school places?

—Pat, Fort Worth

Fort Worth is all about unique local restaurants, and many have been around years. The Star Cafe in the Stockyards is better than a lot of chain steakhouses, and also has a good burger and one of the best chicken-fried steaks. The Original Mexican Restaurant has been around since 1930 and gets attention for nacho platters and old-timey crispy tacos. Carshon‘s Deli isn‘t open nights, but it‘s been open 90 years and is known for daily meringue pies.

Hey, Bud! I always go to Paris Coffee Shop (or others) for breakfast but it‘s not open Sunday. Where‘s the best breakfast cafe for Sundays?


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—Several readers

Here‘s the top 10 Sunday breakfast cafes according to social media: 1. DeVivo Bros., Keller; 2. Beacon Cafe, north of Saginaw; 3. West Side Cafe, Fort Worth; 4. River Oaks Cafe, River Oaks; 5. Yolk, Sundance Square; 6. Oldwest Cafes, several locations; 7. Our Place, Burleson; 8. Joe‘s Coffee Shop, Watauga; 9. Seven Mile Cafe, Keller; and 10. Vickery Blvd. Cafe, Fort Worth. (A good list.)

Hey, Bud! I‘m here for the weekend and I want the very best barbecue around Fort Worth. Where‘s the No. 1?

—Friend from California

I‘m late on this, but I hope the choice was BBQ on the Brazos in Cresson. John Sanford‘s brisket was a hit again at the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival, and it‘s worth a trip any day Tuesday through Saturday.. Look for a gas station-convenience store in front of the motorsports track. It remains the single restaurant most often compared to Dallas‘ sainted Pecan Lodge, although Meat U Anywhere in Grapevine and Trophy Club also ranks high.