Iceland is selling Baileys eclairs for £2

If you love a Baileys and your favourite dessert is an eclair, you’re in luck – because Iceland has just started selling some Baileys flavoured eclairs.

The Baileys eclairs are mini chocolate pastries that come with a creamy Baileys filling.

The says: ‘For years now people all over the world have been falling in love with the luxurious taste of Baileys® Original Irish Cream Liqueur, and now there are even more ways to experience the flavour of Baileys by sampling our premium collection of delicious desserts.

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‘Unleash a truly indulgent taste experience with the combination of choux pastry filled with fresh cream and the smooth taste of Baileys.’

The mini eclairs come topped with chocolate and a Baileys glaze, and are 284 calories per four pastries (but really, when it comes to eclairs, who’s counting?)

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Sadly, despite the name, the eclairs aren’t actually alcoholic – so if you’re wanting to get a little tipsy, you’ll have to drink an actual glass of Baileys alongside it.


So far, the eclairs, which cost £2 for a 210g packet, have had amazing reviews.

One person who gave five stars said: ‘The flavor of Baileys is light, the chocolate is good and the filling is yummy. I really liked it.’

*Heads to Iceland immediately to buy 10 packs*.



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