Is Love Island Australia trolling us with a Kangatarian? Contestant reveals intriguing diet

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Australia has kicked off now and it’s already got the internet baffled.

Those crazy Australians.

(Note: this writer is Australian, so they’re allowed to say that.)

Anyway, while sitting by the billabong, sorry, pool on Sunday night’s premiere episode ever of Love Island Australia, Justin, a model, perplexed his sheila (sorry, too much), Millie, a vet nursing student, by explaining his diet.

It all started when Millie – who was already coupled up with Justin thus couldn’t get out of this conversation as easily – explained herself as a ‘very, very “animal warrior” person.’

She added: ‘Like, I’ll see a pigeon that’s struggling, and I’ll take it to the vet.’

So, work.

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Finding it all very admirable, Justin said: ‘That’s really good. I love that. That’s beautiful.’

Not feeling his pick up line, Millie said: ‘Yeah? I don’t know. Some people find it a bit weird when I’m running around Manly trying to catch a pigeon in a box.’

Manly is a beachside suburb in Sydney, fyi.

Not finding it weird, on the outside, Justin asked if she was a vegan and thus the Kangatarian in him wanted to jump out and declare itself right then and there in the Mallorca villa.

While Millie said she was a pescatarian, as in, she eats fish, but no other meat, old mate Justin shared he was a, wait for it:

A Kangatarian.

A what-a-tarian, you say?

Well, according to Justin, that means he only eats kangaroo and fish, because ‘kangaroos aren’t farmed’.

Vet nursing student Millie looked confused.

Fair call, we guess.

We should note that while everyone else in the world might think Kangaroos are a sweet, treasured animal, we eat them. A lot.

Yes, we eat the animal on our coat of arms. Come at us. #straya.

The Internet was all abuzz with his foodie way of life, though, as people soon compared the way he just casually dropped it into his conversation to that of a vegan.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that one.

Another said: ‘I’ve been vegetarian my whole life, but I’m almost tempted to try Kangaroo meat so I can consider myself a “Kangatarian”.’

He was apparently taking a hit of creative license there by adding he also eats fish, as according to web sleuths (IE us) a Kangatarian is someone who eats only kangaroos and vegetables.

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Sure they’re not farmed but does he not realise kangaroos still have to die, right?


Or does he think they volunteer?

Guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out more of his philosophies.

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