‘It was a very emotional experience‘ – Sharon Corr performs music for hundreds of IVF embryos at fertility clinic

It‘s probably one of the more bizarre gigs a musician has been asked to do, but Sharon Corr says that playing music for embryos developing for IVF was “a very emotional experience”.

Sharon, best known as one quarter of Dundalk band The Corrs, recently performed music ‘for hundreds of embryos growing in incubators‘ at Institut Marques fertility centre in Barcelona.

Within the clinic‘s laboratories embryos that are being fertilised in incubators are exposed to micro musical vibrations 24 hours a day.

The clinic is acting on studies which have shown that music played during IVF fertilisation can increase the chances of IVF success ‘by up to 5 per cent‘ and can also ‘support embryo development‘.

Sharon‘s live performance, during which she as accompanied by Spanish musician Alex Ubago, was also live streamed to embryos in incubators at Institut Marques clinics in Clane in Ireland and Villa Salaria in Rome.

“It was a very emotional experience,” she said of her performance.  “It is great to think that possibly we can be part of the future, that we can make it change.

“I am so amazed about the whole process and how it works and yet, in a way, I am not surprised that music really helps the embryos to form; this does not surprise me because music is the greatest therapy in the world so I feel very honoured to be asked to do this”.

The former The Voice of Ireland coach is a mother of two children with barrister husband Robert Gavin Bonnar – son Cathal (12) and daughter Flori (10).

She has recently been touring with The Corrs on the back of the band‘s critically acclaimed seventh studio album, Jupiter Calling, which was released last year.

Sharon‘s sister and fellow The Corrs member, Andrea Corr, meanwhile, yesterday took to Instagram to encourage fans to vote Yes in Friday‘s Referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

“So difficult but it just does not sit well with me ignoring a sad reality and shipping it off elsewhere . Rape, incest … We cannot allow these victims to suffer more like it is their own shame . #repealthe8th” she wrote.

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