Kelly Brook admits she can go up to three days without brushing her teeth

Kelly Brook has got a pretty grim habit – she can go for days without brushing her teeth.

While it’s pretty natural for people to brush their teeth first thing in the morning and often last thing before bed, Kelly has admitted that she is a completely different animal than to the one you see in front of the camera – as she can just go for three days without seeing a toothbrush.


Kelly, who has one of the brightest smiles in Hollywood, explained on Loose Women how she makes a conscious effort to take care of herself because of her line of work as a presenter, model and actress.

But, when she’s around her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi where they live on a farm – she has a whole new approach.

When asked if she thinks she’s good looking, Kelly said: ‘I think I make the best of myself because it’s my job. I get my hair done and stay fit and look after myself.

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‘I don’t think I let myself go. When I’m at home on the farm it’s completely different, I go for three days without cleaning my teeth.’

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The 38-year-old is one of the UK’s biggest sex symbols and has been featured in every FHM 100 Sexiest countdown for the past 20 years.

Kelly brushed off her model looks as she said that despite being adored, she doesn’t consider herself the star all of the time.

‘I think it comes from your family,’ Kelly explained.


‘In my household my sister was a model and older than me and she was considered the beautiful one because she was tall, skinny, attractive and I was always the forgotten about middle child.’

Kelly continued: ‘When people would look in my direction, I was always looking behind thinking who are they looking at? Because I’d never grown up with that attention.’


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