NASA probe’s new video of Jupiter’s clouds will make you feel like you’re off your head

A new video from NASA’s Juno probe looks pretty much like that weird trippy bit at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, just minus the black monolith and the monkeys.

The bizarre, psychedelic footage has a serious scientific purpose, though, it’s not just to make sober people feel like they’ve dropped a tab of LSD.

The eight-second time-lapse video, digitally extrapolated between two images taken only nine minutes apart, estimates how Jupiter’s clouds move over 29 hours.

The computer animation shows that circular storms tend to swirl, while bands and zones appear to flow.

Scans from Juno are showing, unexpectedly, that Jupiter’s weather phenomena can extend deep below its cloud tops.

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Juno is flying closer to the giant planet than any previous spacecraft.

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The Juno probe took five years to make the 1.7 billion mile journey to the solar system’s largest planet – and is now gathering data on the mysterious gas giant.

Juno is studying the planet’s composition, gravity, magnetic field, and the source of its raging 384mph winds.


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