NATO ships dock in Israel‘s Haifa port ahead of joint exercises

The British air-defense destroyer HMS Duncan and Spanish Navy frigate Victoria, on a NATO mission, docked in Haifa Port on Friday, ahead of joint exercises. This is the first time that the Spanish frigate docked in an Israeli port, the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit said on Friday. Be the first to know – The vessels’ visit will include meetings between senior […]

Be‘eri Forest in flames after terror kite assault from Gaza

Be‘eri Forest was set ablaze and a major fire in the region of Kissufim in the north-west Negev broke out Friday due to Palestinian terror kites flown in from Gaza, KKL-JNF reported on Friday evening.  Fires were also reported near the Anzac monument honoring the Australian and New Zelandi soldiers killed in what is now Israel during World War One. […]

MKs defiant in face of Turkish threats over Armenian Genocide recognition

Lawmakers across the political spectrum called on the government not to heed Ankara’s threats over the possibility that the Knesset will recognize . Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said on Friday, according to AFP, that “the fact that Israel is putting the events of 1915 at the same level as the Holocaust in World War II will lead it […]

Lebanon‘s Hariri named PM, wants unity gov‘t fast

BEIRUT – Saad al-Hariri was designated as Lebanon‘s next prime minister on Thursday and said all parties agreed that a national unity government must be formed as quickly as possible due to economic risks at home and growing dangers in the region. The new coalition government is expected to reflect the enhanced political position of the Iran-backed Shi‘ite group Hezbollah […]

Hezbollah‘s Nasrallah: If there will be a war with Israel – we will win

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, spoke out on television to mark the 18th anniversary of Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon.  In 2000, Israel unilaterally pulled out of southern Lebanon where for nearly 20 years it maintained a security zone. Be the first to know – Hezbollah started its existence as a Guerrilla organization combating Israel’s presence […]

Where will Israel find itself post-Brexit?

THE POSSIBLE implications for Israel of Brexit – that is, of Britain leaving the European Union (EU) − merit serious consideration. The legal position is that at 11 p.m. (UK time) on Friday, March 29, 2019, Britain ceases to be a member of the EU. Be the first to know – However, to give commercial and business interests time to […]

Police under probe for alleged violence against Beduin suspects in Rahat

The Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Department on Saturday opened a probe into police actions in the Beduin city of Rahat, after an officer allegedly beat a suspect while he was in custody. A video of the event aired on Channel 2 appears to show the suspect being held by four other officers when a fifth, dressed in plainclothes, suddenly hits […]