People are selling Topshop’s sell-out £46 dress for double the price on eBay

Summer dress fanatics have been going so crazy for a sell-out Topshop release that they’ve started paying double for it on eBay.

Topshop has re-launched its numerous times, after it’s sold out with each restock.

The yellow and white pinstripe dress is made of polyester and features a plunging neckline, a wrap-style waistline and puffy short sleeves.

The product description reads: ‘The midi dress gets a graphic update in a graphic yellow stripe. This v-neck style is finished with a ruffled hem. Just add mules, sandals or pointed flats.’

Sizes of the £46 dress were available in 4-18 but sold out pretty quickly.

And it seems some of the people quick to purchase the dress were only doing so to flog it on eBay for double the price.


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Since selling out, the dress, which received 84,000 likes when it was shared to Instagram, has been selling for up to by various sellers – and that doesn’t include postage.

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So, you could technically be paying £90 for a secondhand Topshop dress.

What has the world come to?



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