People aren’t impressed with this restaurant’s take on a full English breakfast

When you’re hungry, hungover, and in need of all the grease and carbs you can get your hands on, a full English is a godsend.

When someone fails to deliver a decent full English, then, that is an unforgiveable crime.

We take breakfast seriously, you see.

So we understand why one British tourist was a bit grumpy when a Cypriot restaurant served up their version of a full English: A frankfurther, some sad-looking bacon, a fried egg, untoasted bread, a bowl of means, and some salad garnish.

Oh, and it was all served on a wooden chopping board. Right.

The photo was with the caption: ‘This is from a friend of mine on holiday, who is half Cypriot, he’s not amused…’

Brits flooded to the post to share their rage at the spectacle.

‘It’s like if someone learnt about it from a game of Chinese whispers,’ wrote one.

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‘Did actually fry anything? Also how is that toast and why is there green?’ said another.


One commenter wrote: ‘I’m pretty sure… at least I hope… this is just the chopping board ready to cook everything.’ We hope that’s true, but we think our feelings are best summed up by this comment: ‘What in the hell is this abomination??’

The man who ordered the breakfast did get a bit of grief for ordering a full English while on holiday, rather than sampling local food.

To be fair, this experience has likely put him off ever trying to eat an English tradition in another country. Maybe he’ll try some new, exciting food as a result… and get to enjoy a full English exactly as it should be back in the UK.




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