Royal wedding goodie bag sold on eBay for £21k

The souvenir item was offered to “community champions” invited into the grounds of Windsor Castle to celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex‘s marriage on Saturday.

One gift bag, being sold by an eBay user named ClaireOliver87, was listed as sold on Tuesday evening with a winning bid of £21,400.

Image: Harry and Meghan invited the public inside the grounds of Windsor Castle

According to the website listing, the sale includes the bag itself – featuring the initials of Harry and Meghan – a Windsor Castle bottle of water, a fridge magnet, a chocolate coin, shortbread, a spectator badge and wrist band, a parking sticker, an order of service, a postcard and gift shop card and a map.

The item, which attracted 83 bids, is due to be posted to the anonymous winning bidder next week.

Image: The bag received a winning bid of £21,400. Pic: eBay/ClaireOliver87

on eBay, including one which was listed for £50,000.

According to the seller, bidders can “buy a piece of history and memorabilia to celebrate a momentous special day for Britain and the royal family”.

“Don‘t miss out on this limited once in a lifetime opportunity to have a piece of royal history,” the seller adds.

Image: The bags bear the initials of Harry and Meghan. Pic: eBay/ClaireOliver87

Kensington Palace declined to comment on the sale of the gift bags.

Meanwhile, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute said that such transactions are private sales between consumers, and as such are not covered by trading standards.

Harry and Meghan invited for their wedding, including 1,200 young people who had served their communities and shown strong leadership.

The gift bags were not offered to the 600 guests inside St George‘s Chapel which included the likes of George Clooney, David Beckham and Oprah Winfrey.