Teen victim of random Scarborough slashing says suspect told him ‘I want your life‘

One of two teenaged victims seriously injured in a seemingly random attack says the unknown suspect told him “I want your life” after slashing his neck with a knife.

Police said the two 15-year-old boys had just finished school and were walking near Jaguar Street and Meandering Trail at around 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday when an unknown male approached them from behind.

Achsuthan Puvee, one of the two teens injured in the attack, told CTV News Toronto that they had noticed the man had been following them before the ambush.

“I felt someone on me. He came up behind me and grabbed me. I knew it was him because when I had looked back a minute before, I saw him behind me,” he said.

“I kind of shoved him off me. When I shoved him off me, I felt the blade slice my neck.”

The suspect, police said, used a knife to attack the teenagers, slashing one victim in the neck and stabbing the other in the chest.

“I pushed him off me and said, ‘What do you want?’ He was a distance away from me and he said, ‘I want your life,’” the teen recounted. “He flipped open the knife and then he ran away.”

It was only then that the Grade 9 students realized the severity of their injuries.

“My friend carried me over to my house and he dropped me over on my bed and he called 9-1-1,” Puvee said.

“He thought I was gone, but I had only passed out.”

One teen was taken to hospital, initially in life-threatening condition and the other sustained minor injuries.

By Wednesday morning, police said the condition of both victims had improved and they had been discharged from hospital.

“I’m confused,” Puvee said from his home on Wednesday. “I’m just wondering why. That could’ve been anybody… It could’ve been a little kid, it could’ve been a girl just walking down the street. It could’ve been anybody.”

Suspect still at large

Police say the suspect, who has not yet been apprehended, is a white male who is approximately five-foot-eight with an average build, a full beard, and a buzz-cut hair style.

At the time of the incident, police said he was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants.

A photo of the man has been released in hopes that members of the public can identify him.

Police said he is armed and dangerous and ask anyone who spots him to call 911 immediately.

Const. Caroline de Kloet said police will be canvassing the area for witnesses and video surveillance footage from the area is expected to be released to the public later this afternoon.

“We have a video from one of the homes in the neighbourhood and it shows the suspect and he seems to be following the two boys. Although the attack itself is not captured on the video, he does appear to be following behind them. Shortly after the video cuts out, the two boys were attacked,” Det.-Sgt. Jim Gotell said Wednesday.

“We believe it was somebody who just walked up to two people randomly, stabbed them, and ran away afterwards. There is no reason why this happened and we are sort of dumbfounded at this point in time.”

City councillor asks residents to ‘stay calm‘

Scarborough-Rouge River Coun. Neethan Shan, who represents the area, called this incident “very worrisome.”

“The community is very frustrated and also kind of scared because this is a community that has been very peaceful. There are a number of children in this neighbourhood. Most of the families are extended families with many children under the age of 12. There is an elementary school in the neighbourhood,” he said Wednesday.

“So people have been feeling very concerned in this area.”

Shan also asked anyone with information to investigators.

“I would urge the community to stay calm but also would like to tell the community see if they have any cameras on their porches, if they have any dash cameras that was operating during the time, to call police,” he told CP24.

“It is an important collective effort to find this person and I think the community will do that.”