Trump Canceled The Summit, Worried North Korea Would Beat Him To It

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Friday, May 25 

‘TRUMP TOOK THE BAIT’ On Thursday, Donald Trump canceled his June summit with Kim Jong Un, with the president was worried Pyongyang would cancel before he did. Experts told us Kim “baited Trump into pulling out” ― isolating the U.S. from its Asian allies and indefinitely postponing talks of Pyongyang’s denuclearization. North Korea responded Friday, saying it was despite the cancellation. []

‘PEOPLE ARE SO AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT IT’ Meet some of the undecideds — the 17 percent of voters who have yet to make up their mind in Ireland’s abortion referendum. If you’re unsure of what’s happening today in Ireland, here’s and why it matters. []

HE ‘KEPT TRYING TO LIFT UP MY SKIRT’ Morgan Freeman has been accused of sexual harassment, with eight women telling CNN they have been victims of the actor’s inappropriate behavior. The Oscar-winning actor responded on Thursday, saying “I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected — that was never my intent.” []

CANADA BOMB BLAST More than a dozen people were injured Thursday after a bomb exploded in an Indian restaurant in a Toronto suburb. []

TIME’S UP FOR HARVEY Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is expected to turn himself in to the NYPD Friday for sex crimes following an investigation of alleged sexual abuse and harassment. []

BIG BROTHER IS LISTENING Amazon admitted that an Alexa device recorded the private conversation of a Portland, Ore., family — then sent the audio to a random person in their s list. []


NFL SHAME Police have killed at least 378 black Americans since 2016, when quarterback Colin Kaepernick first started to kneel — a protest that has now been banned by the NFL. []

‘SPYGATE’ SHAMBLES Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said the president will not agree to an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller until the White House sees a report on “spygate.” []

‘THIS IS MY COUNTRY’ A California woman has been caught on tape making a racist face at an Asian-American serviceman and shouting, “Chinese ugly” and “this is not your f**king country.” []

STONE DEMANDED HILLARY DIRT A report claims that Trump’s former campaign adviser Roger Stone pressured an acquaintance to ask WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for “damaging” emails on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. []

DOLEZAL FRAUD CHARGE Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP official who was outed as a white woman pretending to be black, is facing felony charges of welfare fraud, perjury and false verification for public assistance. []

PRUITT’S ANTI-WOMEN PAST Before he was Trump’s embattled EPA chief, Scott Pruitt twice introduced anti-abortion bills that gave men “property rights” over fetuses. []


  • Here’s the story behind that photo of the royal wedding — the 7-year-old left .

  • Just Chris Hemsworth dancing to “Wrecking Ball” and dog.

  • Victoria Beckham got a close-up view of from the front row of the royal wedding.

  • Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t stop the tears when Ashton Kutcher revealed to her wildlife fund.

  • The in a week has washed ashore in Northern California.

  • James Mangold, the director behind “Logan,” will write and direct a Star Wars movie , according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • “A thin-skinned bully who isn’t as smart as we had thought.” That’s , who has ramped up his attacks on the press.

  • Cast members of “13 Reasons Why” discuss in season 2.

  • Trump just opened the door for the U.S. gun industry to sell .

  • This notorious 1950s erotic novella is in 2018.

  • Here are that’ll make you say, “Oh, heck yes!”

  • The quest for affordable housing is driving people away from the coasts, with cities surpassing New York City and Los Angeles for the first time in 10 years.

  • Ariana Grande got a to remember those who died in the Manchester, UK attack last year.

  • James Corden and Adam Levine the police during an episode of “Carpool Karaoke.”

  • And Trump’s New “MAGA”-themed swimwear .


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