Woman Killed By Border Patrol Identified As Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales, 20

The woman shot and killed by U.S. Border Patrol on Wednesday has been , a 20-year-old who had traveled to the U.S. from Guatemala in hopes of securing work to pay for her education. Gómez Gonzáles was shot in the head when a Border Patrol agent fired on a group of people he believed to be undocumented immigrants in Rio […]

Mussels In Waters Off Seattle Test Positive For Opioids

People in the greater  area are consuming so many that, for the first time, scientists have detected traces of the drugs in  in local waters. Mussels from three of 18 locations near Seattle and Bremerton in Washington’s  tested positive for the opioid , according to the at the University of Washington Tacoma. The mussels were contaminated because sewage from opioid consumers ended up […]

Poor People‘s Campaign Is The Angry Response To Inequality America Needs

For the past half century, Americans have allowed the wealthy to get away with economic murder. Income inequality has risen to pre-Great Depression levels. Compensation for CEOs skyrocketed while wages for the rest stagnated. The wealthy received fat tax breaks even as workers got a pittance. Just this month, America’s high rollers bought  at prices tens of millions higher than anticipated during […]

Utah Man Jailed In Venezuela Freed After Two Years

WASHINGTON (Reuters) ― The Venezuelan government on Saturday released an American, Josh Holt, who it has held since 2016 on weapons charges, U.S. President and Utah Sen.  (R) said in separate posts on Twitter. Holt, a Utah citizen, and his wife Thamy, were returning to the United States and were expected to arrive in Washington on Saturday evening, Trump tweeted. Hatch […]

Alan Bean, Apollo 12 Astronaut Who Walked On The Moon, Dead At 86

Astronaut Alan Bean, member of the Apollo 12 mission and the fourth human to walk on the moon, . Bean spent 31 hours on the moon during the 1969 Apollo 12 mission, and even he couldn’t believe where he was walking. “I remember … saying to myself, ‘You know, this is really the moon. We’re really here. … That’s the Earth […]

Trump Canceled The Summit, Worried North Korea Would Beat Him To It

(Get this roundup directly in your inbox each weekday ― sign up for .) TOP STORIES Friday, May 25  ‘TRUMP TOOK THE BAIT’ On Thursday, Donald Trump canceled his June summit with Kim Jong Un, with the president was worried Pyongyang would cancel before he did. Experts told us Kim “baited Trump into pulling out” ― isolating the U.S. from its […]

Harvey Weinstein Accusers Say They Never Thought He Would Be Arrested

Once the most powerful man in Hollywood, disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein , a watershed moment for the Me Too movement catalyzed last fall by the countless women who came forward with sexual harassment and assault allegations against him. Weinstein was arrested and charged with rape and sexual assault stemming from cases involving two accusers whose crimes were within the statute of […]