Woman ‘smuggled £22 million of coke and crystal meth in fruit processing machine’

A woman tried to smuggle £22 million of drugs into the UK hidden in a fruit processing machine, it is alleged. 

Olivia Anton-Altamirano, 32, stands accused of arranging for 250kg of cocaine and 9kg of crystal meth to be brought from Mexico.

The drugs were said to have been trafficked into London Gateway Port in Essex on March 17, where they were intercepted by Border Force officers.

After several hours, they broke into the 3.5-tonne machinery to find the haul, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said yesterday.

The Spanish national was arrested at her home in Blackheath, south-east London.

John Coles, the NCA’s head of specialist operations, said: ‘Here we have a potentially lucrative plot by organised criminals to smuggle 259kg of Class A drugs into the UK, which would have eventually found itself being sold on the streets of London.’

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The announcement of the seizure came after security minister Ben Wallace warned the UK is ‘fast becoming the biggest consumer of cocaine in Europe’.

And Simon Kempton, the Police Federation’s deputy treasurer, blamed demand for the drug on middle-class users, the Guardian reported.

Anton-Altamirano, of Charlton Road, will appear at Kingston Crown Court to enter a plea on June 7.



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