You're out! ICC turns third umpire via Twitter in local village match

You're out! ICC turns third umpire via Twitter in local village match

It may have been an ordinary street match but the players really wanted ICC to take a call. And it did.

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Updated: May 23, 2018, 09:55 AM IST

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Cricket in villages across the subcontinent can be every bit as competitive as it is in international arenas. The International Cricket Council (ICC) however had never been asked to intervene in local matches – not till Tuesday anyway.

The world cricket body recently received a video from a fan called Hamza who asked it to rule if the batsman in a street match being played in Pakistan was out or not. In the video, the batsman can be seen trying to smash the ball but managing to only dab it in front. Due to windy conditions, the ball retracts, sneaks between his legs and hits the wicket. While the bowler claims the wicket, the batsman protests. Hamza asked ICC to rule in the matter and much to his surprise, ICC did tweet its decision. “A fan named Hamza sent this video to us this morning asking for a ruling. Unfortunately for the (very unlucky) batsman, law 32.1 confirms… Out!”

The video – since being posted by ICC on its official Twitter feed – has gone viral. While many are indeed sympathising with the batsman and the manner in which he was deemed out, others have chosen to see the lighter side of it all. Many Twitter users have also complimented ICC for actually retweeting the video with a decision even if it was just another ordinary street cricket match.

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